A Deadly road Accident

It was on the 9th of December 2009, when i, Fredrick Onyango was on a Matatu(Van carrying upto 14 passengers) heading to Nakuru from Nairobi, eye witness account narrates it as follows. On reaching Mbaruk( a small town on the way), our Matatu was being driven very faat, as it was overtaking a Subaru car that was before us, a lorry showed up on the other side coming from(Eldoret-a town in the Rift Valley province) heading to Nairobi. So our driver panicked,he couldn’t go back to his side of the road since he had already began overtaking the Subaru car, so he decided to turn to the right to escape the danger ahead, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to drive the Van completely away from the oncoming lorry. There was an accident that happened, he was able to remove upto half of the Van, his side, but the other side was hit badly. 7 people lost their lives on the spot, i was badly hurt, my left acetabulum bone at the hip, cracked & i had severe head injury on my right side of the head hat gave me a stroke on the left body side, but Jesus saved me from the accident & four other guys. By the time we were rushed to Nakuru provincial general hospital, 2 more lives were lost on the way. We were put on a Lorry carrying sacks and for some weird reason, a sack had fell on me while being transported to the Hospital! The sack had to be removed before the Hospital staff could get to me. The other four people were treated and discharged, but as for me i was taken to the ICU where i spent one month, i was thereafter taken to Ward 9, where i began to teach myself how to speak, i would say 3 times 4=10, 2 times 3 = 5!! You see the calculation did’nt just add up, i had just come fron the ICU “you could surely forgive me” for that calculation was definately wrong………the story will continue another time. Ok? Thanks

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