3 Dogs, A disabled guy & The Name of Jesus

It was in the late afternoon that I was going to Church for Bible study, I have been using that road for a while but I never knew that they were dogs there, so this late afternoon, I just heard barking on my Left side, on looking keenly, I say two black dwarf dogs which we’re rushing towards me from a compound, & they were barking furiously, then to add to my worries,they were joined by a tall brown dog from behind me. I started panicking & was wondering of what to do. I was using a walking stick then since the road accident that I got in the 9th of December 2005, had left me disabled, & thus I was now using a walking stick, so I was swerving it to the left & to the right, hoping to scare them away, but to my amazement, they became more vicious & I got very terrified, knowing that any moment now this dogs were going to make a meal of me,an afternoon snack for them, phew!!, then I remembered the Name of Jesus which I had read from the Bible, that whenever you called upon Him when you were in difficulty or any trouble, you will be saved. So i called out, Jesus,and to my amazement, the three dogs just turned back and just ran & dissappeared!!!, i was in shock, i was amazed & truly thanked Jesus for coming to my aid when i needed Him, just like He saved me from the Road accident where a total of 9 lives were lost. I call upon you all to get saved, believe in Jesus & trust in His Mighty Name.God bless you all for reading this true testimony

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