Give all to Jesus

At our camp meeting this past September, i experienced the hand of Jesus when i trusted Him with my all and He blessed me upto 10 times. I have been used to the Lord giving me upto 3 times the money i give to someone in need or even to the Church, but God did for me something wonderful that put a smile on my face. The Camp Meeting is a special time in the Adventist world, for its a time, usually one week, that you leave aside your usual activities like work & other things, for a week which you go to the feet of Jesus, usually at a Camp where you engage in singing praise songs to Jesus & learn at His feet via several teachers whom He has sent, who come to teach. The setting is like on the Sabbath, every Saturday, where first there is morning devotion then followed by Sabbath school studies, then we get to lesson studies where we get to discuss about the weekly topic, with a lesson teacher overseeing the discussion, after which there is a Bible study then its followed by giving of tithe & offering. Now i don’t live very far from where the Camp was being held but my left leg was paining me severely, so i would go with 40 Ksh approximately 1/4 of a dollar, 20 going & 20 coming back. I had Church elder who was a friend & he had a car. So he had agreed to be giving me a lift home or near home while we were going home, after the Camp Meeting was over. This was a relief to me! At least i had someone who would help me back from the Camp meeting. Then it hapenned, one time i had 70 shillings with me only, so i payed as usual 20 ksh fare & during the offering time, i tested the Lord & gave everything that i had that is 50Ksh. In my mind i started to have this weird fears. Saying what if the elder is suddenly called somewhere! And then what? Will i have to walk all the way home since my only means of transport is not there? My my my that was going to be a shocker!!!, like one of those things you were warned not to do!!!, Anyway, i had gone to the washroom which was quite a distance though, if you had no problem with your feet, it was shorter! But for me,it was a tough thing, remember i am still recovering from the horible car accident that i was involved in, in 2005, so to me you would take forever going to and from the washroom. So on this day as i was coming back from the washroom to where the camp was, i met this guy & a woman & the guy asked me wether i was still selling groundnuts, & i told him, i had stopped, coz my feet had became very painful while walking, and so i could not continual selling the nuts since it ibvolved walking arround the estate The woman just gave me 500 ksh, about 5 dollars & i just smiled in my heart. I saw God blessing me 10 times of what i had given Him!!;. And this was really Awesome!!! Something wonderful, that told me i could trust in the goodness of the Lord. You too, my friend,can trust in Jesus. For He is our Provider for sure!!!. You can trust in Him friend. Thank you for reading

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