It is the business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution

Ellen Gould White (E.G.W), had a vision in Nov.18,1848 where God told her husband (James Springer White) to start a paper.

One year later, James determined to publish this paper and went to find work as a farm hand, inorder for him to raise funds for this project

After another vision, She told her husband James not to worry, but to set on working on the paper to be printed, James readily accepted

He wrote from the aid of a pocket Bible, called ‘Cruden’s Condensed Concodance’ and an abridged dictionary with one of its covers off.

Thanks to a generous offer by the printer, to delay charges. A group of Adventist believers had 1,000 copies of the first publication printed. This first publication was on the topic of the Sabbath, and was sent to friends and colleagues they believed would find it interesting.

The Adventist publishing work began with the ‘present truth’

Between 1849-1850, 11 issues were published

Between 1860-1880. There was formal organization and further growth

In 1863, the General Conference of The Seventh-day Adventist was formed, and the movement became an official organization

First Camp Meeting took place in 1868

In 1849, James White packed coppies of the present truth into a borrowed carpet bag and trekked 8 miles to the post office in Middletown,Connecticut, United States. He was penniless then and young. A week earlier, he had persuaded a publisher to print 1000 copies of the first issue of what is known today as ‘Adventist Review’

He convinced the publisher that donations from Sabbatarian Adventist scattered accross the U.S Northeast would tricle in, to cover the 64.50$ of printing cost

When God is behind something, what seems impossible is really an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work a miracle… Said Wilmar Hirle who is the associate director of the world Church’s publishing ministry

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