Calling on Jesus In Our Urgent Need

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Day 78 – June 12, 2020Calling on Jesus in Our Urgent Need
Prayer Focus (Day 78)

PRAISE REPORTS: Pastor H.: Thank you very much for your prayers! My cousin and his wife are better now.An individual gave a substantial donation to help literature evangelists around the world during this time of crisis. Literature evangelists are finding new and creative ways to reach people with spiritual books despite the lockdowns!PRAYER REQUESTS:Pray for more faith and truth in God, especially during this time of crisis.Pray for God’s blessing on members who are operating taxis in Panama City, using them as mobile centers of influence. Half of Panama’s citizens live in Panama City.Pray for the upcoming Adventist Women Ministries small group evangelism in the Western Nigeria Union.Pray for your immediate and extended family members. Pray for those who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior yet to be drawn to Him and be – Online Prayer Room
Time to Stop Worrying and Simply Trust
By Sikhu Daco
 When my first child was born, I read everything I could set my eyes on about anything that could go wrong within the first few months of his life. After all, they say, “forewarned is forearmed,” right? He was a healthy full-term baby, with ten fingers, ten toes, and an excellent Apgar score. Yet as I looked upon his innocent face, I was suddenly struck with an unshakeable awareness of the fragility of life.
As my voracious reading progressed, I was introduced to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and I started down an internet rabbit hole. Each article I read, each personal story of losing a baby through SIDS served only to increase my anxiety about my inability to protect my little one. One moment I was reading an article counseling you to place nothing in the baby’s crib — not a blanket, nor a stuffed animal — because each item may lead to SIDS: The very next moment I would stumble upon a testimony from a mother who adhered to all the counsel offered to prevent SIDS but still woke up one morning to find her child lying lifeless in their crib.
What if that was my baby? … Click Here to Read the Rest of This DevotionalFull Devotional & All Prayer Requests for This WeekSpanish, French, Portuguese and Other LanguagesShareTweetForwardFeatured Book of the WeekSurrender – The Secret to Perfect Peace & Happiness
by Gregory L. Jackson
This book shows that the way to experience perfect peace and happiness is through complete surrender to Jesus daily. It is referred to as the ‘secret’ because most people do not understand, that this is what the cross experience is really all about. Therefore, the book goes into great detail to not only explain what the cross experience is and why we are so afraid to take up the cross daily, but it also gives a detailed explanation and clear cut outline on how to do what the cross experience requires: Completely surrender to Jesus daily.Additional Reading: “Peace, Be Still” by Ellen G. WhiteJoin the World Church for a special weekend to launch the I Will Go 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. For more information click here.Biblical resources to grow your spiritual life.
World church prayer requests (updated weekly).
 … and much more!

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