Making Friends For God: The Joy Of Sharing in His Mission

Bible Study Guide for the Third Quarter
We have the privilege of joining with Christ in His mission of saving others.
That will be the focus of next quarter’s guide, entitled “Making Friends for
God: The Joy of Sharing in His Mission,” by Mark Finley.
The idea of mission being God’s work first is clarified throughout Scripture.
Solomon states it this way, “[God] has put eternity in their hearts” (Eccles.
3:11). When a person is born into this world, God places a desire for eternity
deep within his or her being. Not only has God placed within each one of us a
longing for Himself—but He also sends His Holy Spirit to draw us to Himself.
When the human race was condemned to eternal death, the love of God already
had made provision. Christ would leave the glory and splendor of heaven and
come to this sin-darkened world on a redemptive mission. Before we ever gave
Him our life, He provided salvation to us through His death. We turned our
backs on Him, but He turned His face toward us. We cared little for Him, but He
cared immensely for us. It is not our job to save a lost world; it is God’s. But it is
our responsibility to joyfully cooperate with God in what He is doing to save the
lost. May this guide assist us in understanding our part in mission more clearly.
Lesson 1—Why Witness?
The Week at a Glance:
Sunday: Providing Opportunities for Salvation (James 5:19, 20)
Monday: Making Jesus Glad (Zeph. 3:17)
Tuesday: Growing by Giving (Luke 6:38)
Wednesday: Faithfulness to Christ’s Command (Isa. 49:6)
Thursday: Motivated by Love (2 Cor. 5:14, 15, 18–20)
Memory Text—1 Timothy 2:3, 4, NKJV
Sabbath Gem: When we understand who God is and have
experienced the marvels of His grace and the power of His love,
we cannot help witnessing to others about Him.
Lesson 2—Winsome Witnesses: The Power of Personal Testimony
The Week at a Glance:
Sunday: Unlikely Witnesses (Mark 5:15–20)
Monday: Proclaiming the Risen Christ (Mark 16:1–11)
Tuesday: Changed Lives Make a Difference (Acts 4:13)
Wednesday: Sharing Our Experience (Acts 26:8)
Thursday: The Power of a Personal Testimony (Acts 26:1–32)
Memory Text—Acts 4:20
Sabbath Gem: When a person says, “I once was hopeless but
now have hope. I was filled with guilt but now have peace. I was
purposeless but now have purpose,” then even skeptics can see the
gospel’s power. This is the witness the world so desperately needs.
Lessons for People Who Are Legally Blind The Adult Sabbath
School Bible Study Guide is available free in braille, on audio CD, and via online
download to people who are legally blind or physically disabled. This includes
individuals who, because of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, accident, and
so forth, cannot hold or focus on normal ink-print publications. Contact Christian
Record Services for the Blind, Box 6097 , Lincoln, NE 68506-0097 . Phone: 402-
488-0981; email:; website:

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