A Wonderful Testimony

A wonderful Testimony

Ok, why do I call it wonderful, awesome? It’s because the Almighty God has been gracious to me and helped me to fix a laptop problem. My Laptop had gotten a memory upgrade to make it to run a bit faster. So I have been using it mostly for designing logos and listening to gospel songs, sometimes I watch gospel videos like for Ambassador of Christ. Then yesterday, I started hearing some continuous beeps in some 30 seconds to s minute interval, I brushed it off but then the next day, it kept doing it over and over again and I was concerned about it, so I checked the net & found one of the reasons why HP Compaq laptops would behave that way, and found out that it was coz of an improperly installed memory. In the past, I used to deal with this kind of problems, so I went & got a small knife coz the screw I had was too big for the laptop screws. I prayed for God’s help to help me, to do it well and give me the confidence to fix it. I unscrewed the plastic hiding the memory and other laptop parts & I carefully removed the memory card and reinstalled it properly and voila!!! The thing worked and I didn’t hear the beeps anymore. I praise the Lord for that & for the joy that I have, coz of fixing that laptop issue. It would have costed me some money getting to town and engaging a technician. There is always a joy when you succeed in sorting out a problem in your life. In this act, I praise the Lord for helping me fix this problem I had. I now have a smile on my face & nice feeling in my heart

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