My Most Scary Incidence

          My most scary insidence

It was on a Sabbath day, on a Saturday that it happened, the Church service was great as usual and there was no sign or unusual feeling that I had, that the Sabbath day was going to be weird.

At that time, I was a member of the Newlife Sda Church located on the 5th Ngong Avenue, off Ngong road. Then I was visiting my sister who lived in Riruta satellite. After service when we were going home, a friend of mine called Frank, called me from his car and volunteered to give me a ride to a place called Dagoreti corner, which is closer to Riruta satellite where I was going.

I would then board a Matatu ( some kind of a minibus that carries 14 passengers) or a minibus carrying passengers, to Riruta Satellite, at a reduced fee, it costed 20 ksh from Dagoreti corner to Riruta satellite unlike from Church where it would have costed me 50 ksh.

So that particular Sabbath, my friend came to the place and I did alight and waved him goodbye. Now, there was a City Hoppa minibus waiting for passengers,some 40 or so metres from where I was, so I hastened my pace that I may not miss it.

The City Hoppa vehicle was about half a metre, from the pavement where people walked. I could see a lady conductor standing at the door of the minibus, so I held the lever at the door and before I could step into the City Hoppa, it began moving.

Remember it was dark by then, since by friend Frank had to pass by a place called Lavingtone to buy some stuff on a supermarket and it eventually began getting dark, so by the time he got me to Dagoreti corner it was about 7.30 PM.

Now, the City Hoppa vroomed with a force while my feet were still on the pavement. I panicked,I feared letting go of the lever, as it would have been dire to me, I would have fallen badly down, I don’t know whether i would had fallen on the road or on the pavement,

And also my left body side had stroke, as a result of the road accident that I had faced, in 2005 on the 9th of December. so I kept jumping with one leg, holding on to the bus while the lady conductor in the bus was shouting to the driver to stop the minibus. I waa scared me silly!!!. Imagine, all that happening in darkness.

When it finally stopped, I felt so afraid in my heart, I have never felt that scared in my entire life, I was shaking & my heart, O my heart, it was very dreadful. Even later about 30 minutes when I took another vehicle home to Riruta, I was still scared. It took me till after like 2 days to return to my usual self and I really thank God for saving me from that bad insidence.

Always depend on Jesus Christ who is Our life. You will never know what is going to happen to you during the day or night. It’s good & wise to depend on the Almighty, coz things happen in this sin filled world. You don’t plan for them, they just happen & you are left in a worse situation than you were before. Tc

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