Further Thought

(page 20 of Standard Edition)
July 10
Further Thought: Read Ellen G. White, “ ‘Almost Thou Persuadest
Me,’ ” pp. 433–438, in The Acts of the Apostles.
The essence of the Christian life is a relationship with Jesus that is so
rich and full that we long to share it. As important as correct doctrine
is, it cannot substitute for a life transformed by grace and changed by
love. Ellen G. White makes it plain when she states: “The Saviour knew
that no argument, however logical, would melt hard hearts or break
through the crust of worldliness and selfishness. He knew that His
disciples must receive the heavenly endowment; that the gospel would
be effective only as it was proclaimed by hearts made warm and lips
made eloquent by a living knowledge of Him who is the way, the truth,
and the life.”—The Acts of the Apostles, p. 31. In the book The Desire
of Ages, she adds this powerful thought: “The wonderful love of Christ
will melt and subdue hearts, when the mere reiteration of doctrines
would accomplish nothing.”—Page 826.
There are those who have the idea that giving their personal testi-
mony is about trying to convince others of the truths they have discov-
ered in the Word of God. Although it is important at the appropriate
time to share the truths of God’s Word, our personal testimony has
much more to do with the freedom from guilt, the peace, the mercy, the
forgiveness, and the strength, hope, and joy we have found in the gift
of eternal life Jesus so freely offers.
Discussion Questions:
 Why do you think our personal testimony is so powerful in
influencing others? How have the testimonies of others impacted
you and your own experience?
 In class, talk about your answer to Wednesday’s final question.
Why is a daily experience with the Lord so important, not just to
our witness but to our own personal faith, as well?
 Of course, a powerful testimony can be an effective witness. At
the same time, why is a godly life such an important part of our
 Share your personal testimony with the class. Remember that
you are sharing what Christ has done for you and what He means
to you. What difference does Jesus make in your life?

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