How Far From Home

439 – How Far From Home?

Major Key: D Flat

How far from home? I asked, as on
I bent my steps-the watchman spake:
The long, dark night is almost gone,
The morning soon will break.
Then weep no more, but speed thy flight,
With Hope’s bright star guiding ray,
Till thou shalt reach the realms of light,
In everlasting days.

I asked the warrior on the field;
This was his soul-inspiring song:
With courage, bold, the sword I’ll wield,
The battle is not long.
Then weep no more, but well endure
The conflict, till thy work is done;
For this we know, the prize is sure,
When victory is won.

I asked again; earth, sea, and sun
Seemed, with one voice, to make reply:
Time’s wasting sands are nearly run,
Eternity is nigh.
Then weep no more-with warning tones,
Portentous signs are thickening round,
The whole creation, waiting, groans,
To hear the trumpet sound.

Not far from home! O blessed thought!
The traveler’s lonely heart to cheer;
Which oft a healing balm has brought,
And dried the mourner’s tear.
Then weep no more, since we shall meet
Where weary footsteps never roam-
Our trials past, our joys complete,
Safe in our Father’s home.


158 – U Mwendo Gani Nyumbani?
“How Far From Home?”

U mwendo gain nyumbani? Mlinzi akanijibu,
“Usiku sasa waisha, macheo karibu.”
Usihuzunike tena, bali ulemee mwendo
Hata ushike ufalme kule mwangani juu.

Na tena niliuliza, nchi yote ikajibu;
“Sasa mwendo watimika, milele karibu.”
Usihuzunike tena, ishara kuu zasonga
Na viumbe vyangojea sauti ya Bwana.

Nikamwuliza shujaa, ndivyo kanitia moyo:
“Shikilia mapigano, kitambo yaisha.”
Usihuzunike tena, kazi ifanywe kwa moyo;
Tumeahidiwa tunu tuishapo shinda.

Siyo mbali na nyumbani! Fikira tamu njiani,
Latupoza roho, nalo lafuta machozi.
Usihuzunike tena, kitambo tutakutana
Wenye furaha kamili nyumbani mwa Baba


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