Stopping Masterbation

Well Dee, I hear you. You should be a sex therapist or something coz I have noted your affinity to sexual issues. My remedy for it is: 1. Take it to Jesus and ask Him to help you to stop it.

  1. Know that it is a sin to do it & sinners don’t go to heaven
  2. You will spoil your future sexual satisfaction with your spouse. A guy will suffer from premature ejaculation which isn’t good for you or your mate.
  3. Emotionally you will wreck your life ever walking with a guilty conscience
  4. Get out from the bed whatever it is that you use to masterbate with.
  5. Get married to a true wife/husband and have sex guiltless till you tire of it, then rest for a while and repeat the same until you leave this earth. Hmm!!!

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