A Short Testimony

A Short Testimony

One day at our Church in KITI Sda Church in Nakuru Kenya, there was a wedding and when I entered the Church, I thought of going to the front of the Church since I could have a better view of the going on inside the Church, so as I was on my way there, I could see the top guys and ladies in front, I would have proceeded there, even though I wouldn’t consider myself worthy to go sit there. So I chose to go back and sit at the back seat area. But it didn’t take more than 5 minutes before a lady usher came and told me to go sit in the front, she went with me and showed me, where to sit. Okay I smiled in my heart and remembered Luke 14:8,9 where we are told/admonished that when you are invited to a wedding, see that you don’t choose the highest place/seat, lest a more honourable person than you is also invited and you are told to stand and go sit in a lower place/seat and it be shameful or embarrassing to you. It will probably hurt your feelings badly and you may not enjoy that day at all. So my advice to you is that don’t have a habit of choosing the highest seat when invited to a wedding or any of those functions, and then some top person also come and then you are kindly requested to step down for another person. That would be a shocker to you and would probably rob you of your joy and happiness. Even leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Just avoid embarrassments

Be blessed and stay safe.

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