Attitude of love

Let’s foster a loving and forgiving attitude towards others, as God for Christ sake has forgiven you of all of your sins and will give you the power and grace to change, so that you would live differently.
Receive people as God has received you for the sake of Jesus. Know how wicked and sinful you are, that’s why you need not judge others harshly. We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, let us change the way we live, let’s transform our characters, change our attitude towards others. Where there has been harsh words spoken, talk more lovingly, whenever lies have been said, ask God for forgiveness and the one you lied to, confess to them. Let’s learn to say the truth always. Read. Prov.6:17-19, don’t have a proud look,a lying tongue, and don’t shed innocent blood, don’t have a heart that devises wicked imagination, don’t bear false witness, guide your mouth– Don’t speak irresponsibly when you open your mouth, and no curse words nor abusive words for a Christian, but speak positive messages, words of encouragement, lifting someone up and not bringing them down. You wouldn’t like others doing the same to you. Follow the Golden Rule, do unto others, what you would want them to do unto you. Let words of hope be heard from you and not, negative words, words of discouragement, remember that the devil wants you to talk negative words, defeatist sentiments, hopeless words and he will surely see to it that they come true. So speak positive words, let not your feet be swift to run to mischief, and don’t sow discord among brethren, that will be an abomination before God. Remember that, None is righteous nor perfect in this world ok my friend? We are all striving to live a better life. Remember earth is like a training ground for the life in heaven, so all bad habits must be corrected down here on earth, there will be no more training of your Character in heaven. If you fail to adjust or change your behavior here on earth, then judge for yourself…. May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with us in all our walk. Amen

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