It’s a time of gloom & it lacks the usual zeal of life, it just rained and the earth is quiet now, save the tap water, that is running outside & some individual Biker just zoomed past by on his noisy Motorcycle. It’s silent around. These days at night you can hear a pin drop outside, no movement, no cars, no nothing, just some Strange birds crewing away.

I feel for the Americans, Spanish, the Britons and others. It scares me when I consider the South Americam nations where the epicenter of these pandemic has gone. African continent has had the grace of the Almighty God, and have had fewer cases of this Virus.

It is a scary thing to consider, if the infections would balloon this sides of the world. You could imagine millions of lives would had been lost, given the poor health infrustracture & the wanting medical resources.

But thanks,praise and Honour returns to the Almighty God for His goodness and mercy upon us. His graciousness has saved us from much more suffering and death that we would have to endure.

This seasons are time’s of dread, times to straighten what is crooked in your life. Forgive those that have wronged you that you also may be forgiven by your Father which is in heaven.

We are called to cultivate love with others, share your goods with the less fortunate. You have that extra chair that you don’t use often, give it away, Remember to return tithes and offerings. Failure to which it won’t go well with you.

Consider these verse of Malachi.3:10, when you read 11, you will understand why you must return tithe and offerings coz if you don’t, you won’t be covered by the blood of Jesus and you will be considered a thief besides, the devourer of the crops & whatever you have will be unleashed upon you & having no protection from God, you will suffer imensely. And mind you,no thief will be allowed in heaven. So everyone is advised to return tithes ( 10% of your gross income) and an offerings (10% also of your gross pay but it can be more or less).

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